Special offer

Order a website till March 31, 2020 and we will create or redesign your logo as a gift
Or get $500 discount on any type of work.

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Idea of the special offer

Why is such discount?!

The thing is that we have a wishlist of companies and niches for which we want to develop a modern website. In order to replenish or portfolio with such projects we came up with this special offer

Here is our wishlist:


  • Skyfitness
  • Eurasia
  • Intertech
  • Lavina mall
  • Admiral club
  • Sobi club
  • Very Well cafe
  • Arena city
  • Expolight
  • Technointer
  • Furniture House
  • Butterfly Cinema
  • SEC Globus
  • SEC Metrograd
  • Insurance Company ARX
  • SEC Gulliver
  • Cosmonova
  • Murakami Restaurant
  • MAYAK Restaurant
  • Star light media
  • Kowalska
  • TSSh University
  • Omega medic group
  • Fiori
  • Flowers ua
  • Lepestki
  • Flowers delux
  • Motorsich
  • Azot ua
  • Makeevka steel structures
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  • Car dealers and repair shops
  • Agricultural sector
  • Development and real estate
  • Logistics
  • Medical centres
  • Niche clothing and fashion
  • Wholesale
  • Lighting
  • Furniture manufacture and sale
  • Industrial enterprises
  • Home improvement
  • Shopping centres
  • Fintech
  • Floristics

Haven’t found yourself in the wishlist?

Cheer up, write us and we’ll figure it out!

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