Section release scheduled in the winter '24


Section release scheduled in the winter '24


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Multifunctional payment platform
for online business


  • finTech
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Redesign, development of corporate website
and brand identity

Development period


corefy-case-main-preview-desktop.png - Development of a multifunctional payment platform for Corefy -

About the client

Corefy — is a universal multifunctional payment platform for online businesses and financial establishments. It unites over 650 providers and 400 payment methods.

With Corefy, you can receive payments or carry out settlements in any currency worldwide, either with regular means like credit cards or with cryptocurrencies.

The distinctive advantage of the system is smart payment routing, which provides minimal commissions for transactions.

Founded in 2018 in Ukraine, the company has made the whole way from a startup to a fully-fledged stable fintech product, working not only in the domestic but international market.

In 2018, Corefy won the bronze prize in  PaySpace Magazine Awards as «The Best Fintech Product», and a year later, became one of the most demanded startups on WebSummit 2019 in Lisbon. In 2021,  Corefy became a certified Google Pay processor.


The task


Initially, Corefy appealed to us for their website redesign. The Corefy company was growing fast, and despite the website being relatively new, it could not reflect the client's real scale and capabilities. The old website missed lots of the Corefy products and was stylistically obsolete.

In the meantime, the company planned a range of marketing activities, a substantial part of which was connected with digital communications. And a new website is supposed to be an important part of this process.

corefy-case-discovery-desktop.png - Development of a multifunctional payment platform for Corefy -

Development process


The multilevelness and multifunctionality of the system were a real challenge for us, as we cared for innovative ideas and the capabilities of the Corefy were clear to their users and potential clients. The key role was played by the visual implementation.

corefy-case-structure-desktop.png - Development of a multifunctional payment platform for Corefy -

Visual Style

Corefy has lots of products, so it was clear that the website is going to be big and each section needs attention.

This time, we immersed ourselves in the project gradually. We have created a few pages just to align a common vision of the style, and only then we proceed with other elements of the website. As a result, both illustration and frontend were moving almost simultaneously.

Due to the conceptual complexity of the Corefy products, they are hard to explain with just a text. That is why the old version of the website used illustrations, which are obviously inspired by startupers’ beloved “Silicon Valley” series.

One of the core necessities in creating the new website was describing complex things in an easy and accessible way.

Interface simplification tendency gains the momentum yearly, that is why we eliminated useless visual effects and catchy colors. We decided to display products using simple illustrations and brief descriptions to point out what really makes the value - sense.

corefy-case-visual-style-desktop.png - Development of a multifunctional payment platform for Corefy -


We refused superfluous graphic style to create the one to fulfill all the needs.

Disadvantages of old illustrations:

  • Complexity of scaling;
  • Complex perception and understanding for users;
  • Limitations in the visualization of content;
  • The complexity of creating illustrations.


Benefits of new illustrations:

  • Simple understanding of visual information;
  • Universality;
  • Fast implementation;
  • Modern style.
corefy-case-illustrations-desktop.png - Development of a multifunctional payment platform for Corefy -
maksym-yakubovych.jpg - Development of a multifunctional payment platform for Corefy -
Maksym YakubovychCEO Goodface, Head of the project
«Initially, Denis (CEO Corefy) wanted to preserve the illustrations, as previously, they put a lot of effort and energy into them. But for all their elaboration, they were already outdated, while the style of illustrations presented us with a choice: adapt to them or try to go the new way. We did not persuade the client to this or that decision. We just tried both approaches, and in the end, we realized: the new site needs its own voice».


Infographics were important, and it was from them that a new style began. Based on it, design concepts were developed and approved. It embodies modern trends and approaches to fintech.


When developing design layouts, we proceeded from the fact that the site will have little text and a lot of visual elements. This will make it easier for users to perceive the idea of the product, even for those who understand the product.

corefy-case-concepts-1.png - Development of a multifunctional payment platform for Corefy -
corefy-case-concepts-2.png - Development of a multifunctional payment platform for Corefy -


To make the illustrations even more understandable and compact, we animated some of them.

Responsive design

The site is adapted for various devices, but the mobile version was a priority, as now the main traffic comes from mobile.

Design system

Corefy is constantly adding new products and services. To make it easier to revise the site, we developed a design system that allows the design team to assemble new pages quickly.

corefy-case-design-system.png - Development of a multifunctional payment platform for Corefy -

Corporate identity

For comfortable product development, we have created a corporate identity guide, which includes fonts, a palette, grids, a set of presentation templates, and instructions for developing illustrations for a blog.

corefy-case-corporate-identity-desktop.png - Development of a multifunctional payment platform for Corefy -

Search engine friendly

One of the key tasks at this stage was technical and SEO optimization. The site is quite bulky, it has a lot of pages with a lot of graphics, and careful technical work was necessary to ensure that the site ranks high in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page).

To provide high performance, we implemented animations for the website using front-end code.

maksym-yakubovych.jpg - Development of a multifunctional payment platform for Corefy -
Maksym YakubovychCEO Goodface, Head of the project
«There are a lot of animations on this site, and all of them are made with code, not a video, to reduce loading time. At the front-end stage, we worked closely with the Corefy SEO team. We paid a lot of attention to optimization and many pages were overclocked to 98–99 on Google Page Speed».
corefy-case-pagespeed-desktop.png - Development of a multifunctional payment platform for Corefy -


Corefy, as a strong fintech company, paid great attention to the security and reliability of the product. And the site also had to meet the same strict requirements: the code passed all the necessary checks, all the features of the server, the process of deploying the site, and security was taken into account.

corefy-case-security.png - Development of a multifunctional payment platform for Corefy -

with the client

The work required serious commitment from Goodface. We assigned a separate team for the project: 2 designers, an illustrator, 2 developers, and a project manager. But the Corefy team played a big role in this project as well.

We have built cooperation in the Agile team format. With this approach, the client acts as a Product owner and is part of the team. It directly affects the formation of the list of tasks, prioritization, and the preparation of requirements for the task. This gives the client flexibility in the timing and scope of the tasks performed, as the client directly affects the development process. But, on the other hand - receives responsibilities in the project, mainly to fill in tasks and create business logic.

corefy-case-figma-desktop.png - Development of a multifunctional payment platform for Corefy -


The result of this project was a large presentation site with 30+ pages. Graphics, animation, and infographics were used to present a very complex fintech product.

The site loads quickly, despite a large number of graphics and animations. The average page load speed according to Google Search Speed is 85 points for mobile, and 90+ points for desktop, with some pages ranging from 98-99 points.

In 2020, this project took 1st place at the Web Awards in the "Banking, Finance, Insurance" category.


Client review

Star - goodface.agencyStar - goodface.agencyStar - goodface.agencyStar - goodface.agencyStar -
Quality 5.0Schedule 5.0Cost 5.0Willing to refer 5.0

Goodface agency is a team of high professionals. We were always in touch with our project manager and the whole team, they promptly answered all our questions. It was easy and interesting to work and hear their vision on our complex project presentation.

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