Section release scheduled in the winter '24


Section release scheduled in the winter '24


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Keto 🥑 Diet

Foodtech platform for creating individual
keto diet rations


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Design and development of MVP platform

Development period


1.png - MVP development and evolution of a fully functional food tech product for the US market. -

About the project is a food tech platform. It's based on the concept of "Keto" — a diet with low carbohydrates and high protein, and healthy fats. A person starts losing weight through diet, carbohydrate deficiency, and minimal physical activity such as walking or doing simple exercises.

It's a stress-free diet with enough healthy fats, proteins, and vegetables for balanced nutrition.

The platform allows users to create a diet based on their needs: whether they want to lose weight or build muscle mass. All you need to do is pass a test of several questions. Then, the algorithm will do the rest.


The backend logic is in charge of creating the nutrition
plan. It works like this:

  1. To get a diet, the client takes a quiz on the main page. In the quiz, they indicate their age, gender, nutritional preferences, and level of physical activity.
  2. The answers to the quiz are sent to the server. Then, it gives out an individual plan for 3 months.
    The includes meals, recipes, physical exercises, and a personal water limit. If users are satisfied
    with the diet, they pay the subscription fee and receive the plan by email.
2.png - MVP development and evolution of a fully functional food tech product for the US market. -


The team planned to create an MVP platform to test the idea and get the first results. Once the results are satisfactory, the team will start further product development.

Goodface had two tasks:

  • Develop a concept and design for MVP platform.
  • Create a server-side algorithm for individualized diet development. 

The dishes should be matched with the client's answers. Then, the algorithm can analyze the test answers and select the required diet plan.

Professional nutritionists developed the recipes. Although, the meals were selected from different
foods to meet the tastes of all audience segments.

The plan is unique for each client. For example, it considers that someone needs fish and doesn't eat
meat or eggs. There is an excellent selection of salads as well.

Development process.png - MVP development and evolution of a fully functional food tech product for the US market. -

Platform concept development

During the brief, we realized that the team had a marketing concept — a platform with keto meals for a healthy diet. In addition, they had examples of other companies and products.

However, the references were mostly related to bodybuilders rather than average people
— the ones not going to the gym.

This audience has a particular problem today: people don't have 15 minutes for a healthy lunch. So we suggested adjusting the platform concept for ordinary people without marketing tricks.

4.png - MVP development and evolution of a fully functional food tech product for the US market. -

We agreed: marketing hypotheses are up to the client's team, and Goodface duty is to create the platform. So we change only those things that, in our opinion, will improve
the product.  

We started the first phase of product research. Together with the client, we developed
and agreed on the technical task, according to which we could create several
platform design concepts, a prototype, and the first screens.

Platform design

We created two design concepts for the future platform. The visual part with custom illustrations. More straightforward concept based on emojis 🥑 ❤️

The first option turned out to be overloaded with images. The concept distracted from the main steps:
pass the quiz, pay, and receive the plan. Thus, we settled on the second design concept with photos
and emojis. It was straightforward and clear for users.

5.png - MVP development and evolution of a fully functional food tech product for the US market. -
6.png - MVP development and evolution of a fully functional food tech product for the US market. -

After that, we made a prototype of the site. It included quiz pages, diet examples, and interactive tips for each question. In addition, a separate page of the website is dedicated to diet details, warnings, and tips.

The final design didn't distract users from the quiz. Instead, it's minimalistic,
with detailed questions and intuitive hints.

7.png - MVP development and evolution of a fully functional food tech product for the US market. -
8.png - MVP development and evolution of a fully functional food tech product for the US market. -
9.png - MVP development and evolution of a fully functional food tech product for the US market. -

Back-end logic of the platform

The most challenging task was to create an algorithm for the diet. Here's how the back-end logic works:

  • The user passes a quiz;
  • The results are sent to the server;
  • Based on the results, the algorithm selects dishes; 
  • It creates a plan for 3 months; 
  • The user receives the meal plan by mail.

The success of the platform depends on the algorithm. The data server and back-end logic replace natural nutritionists and trainers.

Getting a diet was half the battle. It still needed to adapt the algorithm to the client's needs.
For example, the diet should not be tedious.

10.png - MVP development and evolution of a fully functional food tech product for the US market. -

New features

We developed the design, prototype, and server logic in three months. Finally, the client was satisfied with the result and started testing marketing hypotheses.

The hypotheses showed the client successful features and opportunities that could improve the product. Therefore, we gradually added them to the platform. For example:

  • The ability to change the meal plan. The server will email a modified meal plan if a person wants a new one in a month.
  • We added rations for weight gain. Previously, the platform had weight loss diets. The number of target audience groups has increased.
  • We localized it by adding several languages.
  • We created a subscription option.
  • We added more questions to the quiz. Marketing research has shown that people are more likely to subscribe to paid rations with more questions.
  • The server was loading from the audience flow. That's why we improved it to withstand a larger audience.
  • We also implemented a platform auto-clean to empty storage from not used plans.
11.png - MVP development and evolution of a fully functional food tech product for the US market. -

The results

We've been improving the platform for two years in a row. This is how the platform moved from MVP to a full-fledged product. 

Through Goodface and's marketing tandem, the platform reaches $1 million in revenue and 100,000 monthly users. The result took a year and a half: six months to test hypotheses and a year to develop a marketing strategy.

Results of the MVP

After three months of work, the client received a ready-to-launch platform. The team launched the first advertisement. After another three months of research and testing, the project took off and brought in its first revenue.

The client covered the cost of the MVP in the first year of the project's existence.

Product development

After two years of work, the client recruited his team to work on a new food tech platform. intended to move from MVP to a different concept.

The team now has their own product with a different name but a similar concept. From a team of three specialists, grew to 120 people: marketers, developers, designers and analysts.


Client review

Star - goodface.agencyStar - goodface.agencyStar - goodface.agencyStar - goodface.agencyStar -
Quality 5.0Schedule 5.0Cost 5.0Willing to refer 5.0

I am Head of Growth at Genesis, one of the largest IT companies in the country. We had a product idea in the health and fitness industry and were looking for a team that could help design and develop our product mvp and test our marketing hypotheses. We were advised a company called Goodface which had the necessary competence and had a good reputation. After the interview we decided to move forward with Goodface as this team understood our needs and had ideas for our project from the first meeting. Goodface was responsible for the design, concept development, and creation of the MVP. We were improving the platform for two years in a row. During that time, the platform evolved from an MVP to a full-fledged product. Goodface worked on design and development while we worked on sales and testing new marketing hypotheses. Now the Keto diet team has its own product with a different name but a similar concept. Our product is used by hundreds of thousands of users each month. From a team of three specialists, Keto diet has grown to 160 people.

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