Available for new cooperation from April. Drop us a line to book a team 👈
Available for new cooperation from April. Drop us a line to book a team 👈
Available for new cooperation from April. Drop us a line to book a team 👈

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Online education platform for designers


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Software development

Development period

2022 – ongoing

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About the project

CREO is an educational platform for designers. The company develops its own courses in graphic design, motion design, and web design, and also helps students to get their first freelance jobs and consult them about freelance platforms workflow.

People who passed or going to pass the course make up the CREO People community, where they can share their experiences, help, support, and inspire each other. Through this community, designers also learn about new courses.

The task


CREO has been functioning for a few years, and they used to publish their courses on one of their existing platforms. But it had many disadvantages, such as limited functionality, not very convenient interface, and outdated design. Users also complained about it.

Sometime later, the CREO team had a vision of what a learning platform should be and decided to develop their own product. And with this task, they applied to Goodface.

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Development process

MVP development

First stage - its development of MVP. This is a simple version of the system, which includes only the most important features. We helped the client to determine the scope of the required functions, form the structure, develop a project plan and estimate the terms. Everything was drawn up as a technical assignment. The client accepted our proposals and we started the development of the MVP.

The basic version of the CREO platform includes the following features:

  • the system of users, administrators, and curators;
  • course store;
  • user’s personal account;
  • managers’ admin panel;
  • course completion system;
  • home tasks;
  • video lessons and various content for students.
creo-case-development-process-desktop.png - Development of an educational online platform for designers - goodface.agency

Course store

The course store displays all available courses. The user can simply get the course (if it is free) or send an application (if the course is paid).

There is no payment module in MVP yet, each application is processed manually by the manager. With the available number of applications, it is not that difficult, but it allowed to reduce the time and cost of the development.

creo-case-course-store-desktop.png - Development of an educational online platform for designers - goodface.agency
creo-case-course-store-2-desktop.png - Development of an educational online platform for designers - goodface.agency


The course consists of lessons combined in modules. All lessons are currently being recorded. Students receive homework and upload their work to the platform, which is checked by curators.

creo-case-lesson-desktop.png - Development of an educational online platform for designers - goodface.agency
dmytro-ushakov.png - Development of an educational online platform for designers - goodface.agency
Dmytro UshakovProject Manager
at Goodface
"At the stage of beta testing, we worked on improving the functionality and added some useful features to the system. For example, we made an interesting trick with the video player. We display it in a separate window on top of all other windows, so students can watch the lesson while simultaneously working in the design program."
creo-case-video-plaer-desktop.png - Development of an educational online platform for designers - goodface.agency

Personal account

In the personal account, a student can see his or her courses and progress, as well as system alerts. Communication with fellow students and the curator has been temporarily transferred to an external platform (Telegram), yet this is another solution that made it possible to simplify and reduce the cost of MVP development.

creo-case-notifications-settings-desktop.png - Development of an educational online platform for designers - goodface.agency
creo-case-courses-store.png - Development of an educational online platform for designers - goodface.agency

Plans for the future

It took 2 months to develop the MVP plus another month for some additional improvements. After that, the client and I decided to make a public map for this project, \that is, to publish a plan for further development. The following features will appear on the CREO platform in the nearest future:

Live streams

Administrators or curators will be able to announce live broadcasts and run them directly on the platform. Users will connect to them and ask questions in the online chat. Administrators will also be able to add tests to the stream and receive analytics after their completion.

New payment methods

Currently, students can simply buy the course in its entirety. We want to introduce a tier system where they can choose how much content they want to buy and at what price. For example, in the light version, only basic modules will be available, the standard version will have some additional ones plus homework and the pro version will additionally include a curator's support.


Perhaps we will allow users not only to buy courses fully and forever but to subscribe. After receiving temporary access, a person can complete part of the course, and then, when the opportunity or money arises again, come back and complete the rest. Subscriptions will help to increase conversion and allow you to work with users who have left.

Advanced chat functionality

New features will appear in the chat, including voice messages.

Browser notification

Now notifications are sent to users only if they are on the platform. We want to implement the notification through the browser functions — so that the student can receive a message as soon as the curator has checked the homework.

Ability to edit files

New file types that can be attached to homework, as well as edited, will be added.

creo-case-website-home-block-desktop.png - Development of an educational online platform for designers - goodface.agency

Participation in
the accelerator

After the launch of the MVP, the CREO team applied for participation in the accelerator StartUp Academy 2.0 with Meta. The first stage was successful: CREO was shortlisted from 100 startups selected from among 3,000 participants. Then, from these 100, 40 finalists will be chosen who will be able to undergo training. And afterward, the top 10 will receive funding.

If everything goes well, Goodface will become CREO's technical partner and we will develop this project together. There are plans to allocate a dedicated team for this.

creo-case-participationin-the-accelerator-desktop.png - Development of an educational online platform for designers - goodface.agency
maksym-yakubovych.jpg - Development of an educational online platform for designers - goodface.agency
Maksym YakubovychCEO at Goodface
"In the future, we want to turn this into a separate direction — to develop projects and sell a team that will develop those projects further. It is often difficult for clients who do not have technical specialists to gather a team, train it, motivate it and set up the processes correctly, but we have it all up and running. We can be a full-fledged technical partner who receives a product description from the client and implement everything completely- from requirements to implementation and upgrades."

Client review

Star - goodface.agency
Quality 5.0Schedule 5.0Cost 5.0Willing to refer 5.0

Goodface agency provides custom software development services for my edtech platform CREO. They are building platform MVP and continues working on it, adding more features. The team worked in Scrum and is doing well so far, and their development expertise impresses.

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